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Burkburnett Real Estate

Burkburnett is just a short drive north from Wichita Falls on I-44. “Burk”, as locals call it, is the largest of the towns surrounding Wichita Falls with a population of around 11,000. Sheppard Air Force Base is very near by. The median family income is $43,000.

Burkburnett has a rich history. The Wild West was being tamed when in 1905 the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, was the guest of Samuel Burnett at a wolf hunt in the “Big Pasture” area of what would later become the State of Oklahoma. Burnett was a flamboyant figure whose 6666 Ranch covered much of the North Texas – Southern Oklahoma area. In 1905, part of the vast Burnett empire was sold to Frank Kell and J.A. Kemp of Wichita Falls who were building a railroad through Burnett’s ranch to the “Big Pasture.”

A town lot sale held by Kemp and Kell on June 6, 1907 marks the official beginning of the city which would later become world famous as the center of a gigantic oil boom. At the suggestions of Teddy Roosevelt, the town was named for his wolf hunt host, Burk Burnett.The oil-crazy days were dramatized in story and song and later became the subject of the Clark Gable – Spencer Tracy movie, Boomtown.

In every aspect, Burkburnett is a progressive community. It looks to the future as well as to its historic and colorful past. Burkburnett continues to merit its name of: “Boomtown, USA!”

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